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warnings during the resolution of a model

    • Nelsen FOLY-TOULAN

      Hello everyone, i have an issue.

      i have couple of warnings during my WB meshing and simulation. Can you help me with them ?

      the first is about the meshing 


      the second is about the solver

      i don't even know what is this kind of messages

    • Sampat Kumar
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Nelson, 
      ** Please try to avoid posting multiple questions in a single forum thread, it will create confusion in answering the question properly**

      For meshing- What type of setup or method have you used for meshing? As per the error, it looks like an issue related to the source and target surfaces. If you are trying to sweep mesh, then please make sure that you have only one source face and one target face. Please make sure that all other faces are mapable.


    • Nelsen FOLY-TOULAN

      Hi Mr Kumar, thanks for your reply. Ok i'll be more careful next time.

      For my issue forget about it, i managed to solve it. But i have another question. I'm trying to run a static structural of this geometry 

      During my analysis i have this message 

      When i tried to change my mesh for a quadratic method, the resolution time is too long and when i try to change the element type ( in this case tet for hex elements), the mesh always fail to load for the green body. I also tried  a multizone meshing method but same result. So my question is how can i mesh proprely this kind of complex geomery with a hex mesh ? 

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