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Water turbine simulation 

    • Arthur Debroise
      I'd like to run a simulation on a water turbine (see photo below) to obtain its rotation speed and torque from the river flow.
      Waterwheel - Energy Education
      Do you have any resources, PDF, Video to help me in my simulation ?
      Thanks in advance 
    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      I'm not sure, check in Fluent's Help system for tutorials and example videos for the public information. 

      In terms of the modelling. Sliding mesh or 1DOF are the approaches to look into. With the 1DOF option, the DEFINE_SDOF_PROPERTIES UDF macro can be used to add some resistance to rotation. 

      As an aside, you might want to look at overshot and breastshot water wheels: this is not new technology! 

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