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water vapor released even though particle temperature < evaporation temperature

    • ll00023

      I am modeling coal combustion with DPM model in 2D RANS case.

      the coal particle contains water and evaporation temperature is set to 600 K.

      when coal particle is delivered to the reactor, the temperature is 300K. but the water is still released in 1 bar, about 1.5% mass fraction;

      I have searched the help documentary: based on the Law 2, water should not be released. so why this happened.

      Thank you.


    • ll00023
      "The onset of the vaporization law is determined by the setting of Tvap" 

      based on this statement, does it mean if one particle reaches Tp > Tvap, then it applies to all particles?



    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      Which material did you set Tvap = 600K for? Screen shots of the panels may help. 

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