Waveforms and Symmetry

    • sana ullah


      I tried to make 1/4th of a model of the axial flux double stator machine. However, the back Emf's which I am getting are very low and more on the negative side compare to the positive side of the x-axis. I first made the full model and the waveforms were perfect but then i tired to make 1/4th of the model and the waveforms are all over tha place. Can someone please help what is the reason for it? Attached are the waveforms of the full model and 1/4th model. Also attached are the pics of full and 1/4ht model. The cycles are different just to get quick solutions. The number of ocnductors are the same. Also the peak voltages are way too different( I am not sure why )

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    • Navya C
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Sana,

      Is your solution setup exactly the same for both models?




    • sana ullah

      Dear Navya

      I was able to solve the issue, the problem is that if you make changes to half model , then you need to make changes to whole model. The other side of the symmetry ( which you dont see becasue of the boundary conditions) is totally different compare to what I was simulating and thats why there was a shift in waveform, So i made changes to the whole model without putting any symmetries and then split it into 1/4th to get the result as that of the full model. 

      Thank you very much for your reply.

      Kind Regards



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