Waveguide simulation in fdtd-DUPLICATED

    • zahra mansouri


      i am working on waveguide simulation in fdtd and mode solution lumerical. i have a cylinderical waveguide. with mode solution i get the neff and so i have propagation lenght of that. then i design the waveguide in fdtd solution and i use mode source for exciting a special mode that i calculateed propagation lenght for it. but here i cant see the propagation lenght that i calculated in previous step.

      my designed propagation lenght is 2 micron. in fdtd i draw a 4micron lenght waveguide and i excite it with only one mode but i cant see attenuation of wave.

      can anyone help me?


    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee

      This is a duplciated post. Please refer

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