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Welding using element birth and death technique

    • Analysis

      Please, I'm really an ANSYS learner. I want to simulate welding process using element birth and death technique in ANSYS workbench. I segmented the weld zone into 10 parts. Each part was killed using the command:





      Now, to bring each part alive and apply heat flux on the face sequentially, where in the project tree do I apply thecommand and how do I go about it? In addition, the solver output flags an error message (after running the above ekill command) that says, " specified range of 0 to 0 is not permitted. Esel command ignored" what does that imply and how could it be solved? Please, If the approach isn't right, I would appreciate it if guided the right way to achieve correct result. 

      Thanks much.

    • Shekhar

      In my opinion, firstly you have to select those elements which you want to choose through 'ESEL' command. For that CMSEL command should be issued prior to ESEL. Since the component "part1" is not defined that is why it is showing 0 to 0. Use CMSEL to define part1. Then *GET command to get the maximum and minimum number of elements in the component 'part1' or use *GET to get the maximum and minimum number of nodes in the component 'part1'.

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