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General Mechanical

    • Cri1994


      I'm doing a simple simulation: I want to verify approximately the stress in the welding seam.

      Is this contact condition correct? (I've inserted a photo) 

      These are the boundary conditions:

      Is There a particular method for calculate stress in welds?

      Thanks a lot,

      Best Regards



    • peteroznewman

      Hello Cristiano,

      Here is an image of the different ways two plates are welded in a butt joint.


      As you can see, the weld covers the whole area of the face and even protrudes above the surface.

      If this is not the cross-section of the weld in your case, then you should show what you expect to get.

      In any case, do not use bonded contact of edges of solids to simulate welds.

      Create the weld bead as solid geometry if it is less than the full thickness of the plates.

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