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Weldments as Parameters

    • RZIlla

      Hi all,

      I am creating a 3-D model consisting of various pipes of different diameters and thickness. I model it in SolidWorks, and on the dimensions I would like to parameterize, I add DS_name on the dimension. This then is imported into Ansys Design Modeler, and then I can easily parameterize the model and run multiple simulations. But now I want to simulate with varying pipe diameters/thicknesses. Is there an option where I can import different pipe diameters into ANSYS or tell SolidWorks that all Pipe diameters also are a parameter that can be modified?

      Thanks all.

    • peteroznewman

      It seems you have done the required steps to create parameters. Did you click in the box next to the DS_name to turn them into Parameters so you get a Parametric Set in Workbench?

      Please reply and insert some images into your post.

      Review this tutorial for tips.

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