What are reference conductors ?


    • Yukiko

      My Goal:

      ?I want to do simulation of the Patch Antenna with prove feed.

      ?I want to set the selected face to the waveport.

      ?I want to know the reference conductors.

      Please tell me the meaning of " Multiple reference conductors touching a port must all be connected in the place of the port. " and whether I should select checkboxes of " Use as Reference ".

      cf. Center cylinder is Coax Pin(PEC) and the middle cylinder is insulation(polyethylene) and the outer cylinder is outer conductor(PEC).

    • Praneeth
      Ansys Employee
      HiArray,nPlease go through Reference conductors section of the HFSS Help document for detailed information on reference conductors.nAll the best.nBest Regards,
    • Yukiko
      Thank you very much for quick reply!nI see... HELP pdf data is very big, but it's helpful p.2554, 2564 in full ver.(help)nThanks!n
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