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What color maps do you use?

    • tobias.meisolle

      I stumbled across a few articles and videos about data visualisation and what color maps are scientific. The default color map in Ansys is rainbow. For a lot of reasons rainbow seems to be a bad color map. I am wondering if somebody is actually changing the default color map. If you want to use other than rainbow you can change to grayscale as an option that is already implemented in Ansys. Grayscale color map is interefering with 3D shading so despite having some advantages its also comes with drawbacks.

      So, what color maps do you use?


    • Ashish Khemka
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Tobias,


      Can you please elaborate on the Ansys product you are using?



      Ashish Khemka

    • Tobias Meisolle

      Hey Ashish,

      Ansys Mechanical. The question although is meant to be more generally. So independent of the Ansys product.

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