What does “fundamental mode” in port stand for?

    • zhenjiehan


      I have a question, what does “fundamental mode” in port stand for?

      Does it stand for both TE and TM mode together?

      If I want to choose both fundamental TE and fundamental TM mode, what should I write script?

      The folloing script doesn't take effect.

      # elif GC_settings['polarization']=='TE,TM':
      #   polarization ='2,3'

      # set polarization
      if GC_settings['polarization']=='TE':
        polarization = '2'
      elif GC_settings['polarization']=='TM':
        polarization ='3'
      # elif GC_settings['polarization']=='TE,TM':
      #   polarization ='2,3'
      lumapi.evalScript(_globals.FDTD,"select('FDTD::ports::port 1');
      set('mode selection',%s);" % polarization)
      lumapi.evalScript(_globals.FDTD,"select('FDTD::ports::port 2');
      set('mode selection',%s);" % polarization)

    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee
      Please refer the previous post for "fundamental".
      As suggested previously, please first test in FDTD before using python.
      the fundamental TE and TM can be selected separately. If you want to have 2 or more modes being excited, please use "user select", and choose the mode sequence numbers. Therefore, you will need to first check the sequence numbers before you assign values, in order to make sure they are what you expect. You can then/also check them again in "visualizer" by clicking "

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