What does thin film boiling component signifies in Wall heat flux partitioning model ?

    • sachintom1992

      Hi all,

      I am performing a flow boiling simulation within the two-fluid model and with Wall boiling model. I have come across a thin-film boiling component here.

      Is it signifies evaporation from the liquid-vapor interphase as compared to the evaporation component which considers wall evaporation?

      Is thin-film boiling used when flow regimes fall into annular boiling flow patterns with thin liquid film near the wall?

      Please help me with this.



    • DrAmine
      Ansys Employee
      It is another component of wall heat flux partitioning which is not as popular as the other components. I usually recommend to ignore that portion of wall heat flux and just stick to standard RPI partitioning. Check this for more details: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/289080649_Advances_in_the_modeling_of_cladding_heat_transfer_and_critical_heat_flux_in_boiling_water_reactor_fuel_assemblies
    • sachintom1992
      Sir Is the thin film boiling part meant for considering forced convective vaporization regime (Annular flow boiling regime)? Usually, the evaporation and quenching part works fine for nucleate boiling, but the thin film boiling finds use towards high void fraction flow boiling simulations such as slug/churn dominant or annular regime?
      Please help me with this query.

      Regards Joseph
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