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What GPU is Compatible for ANSYS Fluent Fluid-Solid Heat Transfer simulation.

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      Is there a specific license for GPU activation in Fluent? 

      I'm building a workstation with around 24 CPUcores and i would like to have two GPU to accelerate the simulation . I will be using the workstation for CFD multiphase and heat transfer models. I was wondering what GPU could function best for my application. and is there a specific license for multiple GPU use in general or it could work normally with any license including student version?

      Do i need a HPC lisence for such cases ?

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      GPU requires the Research or Commercial keys, not sure quite what the licence set up is at present. GPU is not currently supported by Student. With 24 cpu cores you'll also need Reseach and parallel packs: Student only supports 4 cores. 

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