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What happened to the HFSS-IE solver in ANSYS Electronics desktop 2020?

    • Heaviside95
      I got the new ANSYS 2020 Electronics desktop and when i tried to open a HFSS-IE project a sing appeared telling me that the IE solver was antiquaded , and didn't let me simulate my IE desing, also i found the option of use HFSS (FEM) solver but the HFSS-IE option was not there, why ANSYS take away this solver from their new versions? n
    • rtk
      Ansys Employee
      ,nYou can run the old HFSS-IE project in the HFSS (FEM) solver itself after defining the hybrid IE region. Please refer to the snapshot below.nThe previous HFSS-IE solver is obsolete now and incorporated in the classical HFSS solver itself with this Hybrid region assignation.nHope this addressed your concerBest Regards,n
    • AndyJP
      Yeah, just five years ago it was promoted as some extraordinary and powerful tool of the first choice. How priorities change with the mood in marketing department.nBut I hope this hybrid thing will advance more. At least it is a rework of the older code from 90s, which should bring improvements to the core capabilities.n
      • Vanditha Puranam

        can anyone help me with finding sbr+ solver in 2021,2022 versions of hfss?


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