What is meant by ‘negative volume’ ?

    • lakshmi

      What is the meaning of the term 'negative volume' that is related to meshing? How to find where this negative volume is?

    • paguado
      Ansys Employee

      Hi lakshmidnair99,

      Negative volume means that there are cells whose vertices are distributed in such a way that bounding faces are i.e. intersecting each other or they are wrongly oriented (i.e. normals towards the inside). In ANSYS Meshing you can for instance plot Orthogonal Quality and Skewness and you will see poor quality cells associated with such elements. They can be caused by a dirty geometry (very sharp corners, very distorted surfaces,etc.) or invalid mesh methods. To identify the problem try to find which geometry or meshing feature is causing it and modify the operations applied.


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