What is the cause of left handed faces in Fluent

    • qooin


      I generated a mesh using ICEM.  I believe the mesh quality is OK (the criterion of Determinant is larger than 0.6 and Angle > 9°.

      Then I imported this mesh into Fluent. TUI of Fluent given me the message of "The mesh contains elements that are invalid or of poor quality". I check mesh and the information of "Used modified centroid in 4 cells to prevent left-handed faces"

      I don't know what happened. I tried some TUI commands like "mesh/repair-improve" but they don't work. I have no idea how to fix this problem.

    • AK800

      I am currently having the same issue with left handedness and still struggling to fix it as well, please if you find the answer to it, let me know. thank you

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