what is the correct syntax for exporting Fluent data in a journal file?

    • mkhademi

      Hi everyone,

      I want to export simulation data in a transient simulation using Fluent. I would like to export in ASCII format. I recorded a journal file, but it looks it is not working when running Fluent in batch mode. This is the syntax:

      /file/transient-export/ascii "exportl25mmacii" () x-velocity ww-reynolds-stress y y "export-1" "time-step" 100 flow-time 6

      Is recording a journal file with TUI commands enough for putting it in journal file? Must be any order in lines of a journal file, so that Fluent does not skip export line? For example, are these two lines correct in order?:

      /solve/dual-time-iterate 50 20
      /file/transient-export/ascii "exportl25mmacii" () x-velocity ww-reynolds-stress y y "export-1" "time-step" 100 flow-time 6

      Thank you so much!

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      Assuming the above works locally then it'll be OK. However, you've told the solver to run and then told it to save data. That line won't trigger until after the simulation..... Try switching them around. 

      With all journals test on a simple/small case locally to confirm you've not mistyped something. One comment, you've set the same filename for all output, you may want to look at adding %t to the filename, eg filename_%t   as that'll add the timestep number to the label, %f adds the flow time (can be unreliable if you're not careful with number settings) and %i iteration number. 

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