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What is the difference between Ansys act and Ansys Apdl ?

    • keyurckp

      Aren't both are used to extend the limitation of ansys with the help of coding interface?

    • Bhargava Sista
      Ansys Employee

      • ANSYS APDL is a scripting language used for communicating with the ANSYS solver. Every model that is run on the solver consists of a set of commands written using APDL commands. For instance, WB Mechanical is a GUI that writes an input file (a bunch of APDL commands) which is then directed to the APDL solver. 

      • ACT is the scripting toolkit used for customizing the GUI of WB. It uses Python scripting for automating tasks and for creating customer GUI.

      In general, the capability of the APDL solver is more than what is exposed in the Mechanical GUI. Most of the missing capabilities in Mechanical GUI may be used via command snippets which is nothing but APDL commands. ACT can be used for creating a custom GUI for such missing capability so you need not write the commands every time you use it. In other words, the ACT can be used to create a GUI that can write out the APDL commands to perform the desired action.

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