What is the meaning of some graphs of fluid flow generated by MATLAB code

    • wave00


      I am working on a fluid flow with finite element method by using MATLAB. I got some MATLAB code and generated some graphs. However, I really do not understand what they mean. 


      I want to know what the colour presenting. (velocity? velocity potential?)

      Moreover, Why the G2 and G3 are different? 

    • peteroznewman

      How are we supposed to know what is in the matlab script? You can put your matlab scripts in a zip file and attach it to your reply. Those who have matlab may want to see what you have. We don't support matlab here, but there is matlab central community forum you can post this question in.

      Have you downloaded the free ANSYS Student 19.0  or ANSYS AIM software? There are tutorials on how to simulate airflow over an airfoil and plot pressure and velocity contours in both AIM and Fluent.  This site is focused on helping members to use those products. Sometimes help is in the form of teaching engineering principles so that members can apply them properly in these tools.


    • raul.raghav

      Peter is right about what he said. How could we know what the output plots of some "MATLAB code" would be? Attach the code if you have a conceptual question and if you're considering using Ansys to further analyze the flow.

      But if anyone is wondering what the plots could be, my guess would be as follows (assuming a potential flow):

      G1: Velocity potential (phi) - not entirely sure since I can't zoom into the region close to the airfoil to check. But away from the airfoil it looks like the velocity potential. Its important to understand that the velocity potential lines are perpendicular to the streamlines. So you can understand how the velocity potential around the airfoil should be.

      G2: x-direction Velocity

      G3: y-direction Velocity

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