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What is the meaning of this error ” Bad termination of…” ?

    • Mariah Ha


      I am simulating a photodiode in Charge, transient, with optical generation inmported from FDTD. For one simulation, I keep getting this error message despite that the simulation ran successfully and 100% is shown in the window. The "DATA file " is also there in the same folder. This erroe does not show any divergence issue or memory issue. What does it mean? Is it related to the hardware ?

    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee

      It seems this is a common warning message for certain finite element mesh. You will find some results from google by searching "bad termination of one of your application processes."

      It might indicate that process is not needed or some jon schedule issue. 

      You may try to slightly modify the mesh settings, such as round up the "min edge length", or use a consgraint local mesh.  

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