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What is the most efficient way of implementing a FOR LOOP in SCADE Suite


    • softaviator

      The issue is of migrating 'C' Code into scade suite for which the logic needs to be converted as it is. Hence steps to efficiently implement For Loop in Scade Suite may be suggested.

    • Aubanel Monnier
      Ansys Employee

      I'm afraid there is no simple answer to your question: nature of the C and scade languages are quite different, they have different properties and expressiveness. Usually the right way to re-implement something from C to scade is to come back to the requirement and re-do the implementation from there. As an illustration of this principle, all the iterator constructs (map, fold, mapfold an friends) will generate for loops in C. But not all C for loops can be expressed in scade. If you are new to iterators you might want to start there:
      All the best,
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