What is the right analysis for my project?

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      Hi everyone,

      Up until now the only ANSYS Workbench analyses that I have needed have been Static Structural, Harmonic and Modal, but in my latest project there is an additional fluid element that has left me scratching my head as to what is the correct analysis to use.

      I have attached an image of the structure I want to model. It is essentially a plastic tube with a solid cylinder mounted inside with epoxy at the ends. The space around the solid cylinder will be filled with water (fluid is static for the time being). On the outside of the plastic tube there will be 3 transducers applying a vibration (with a displacement value applied to each of them in the setup conditions, fixed supports also applied to the end faces of the tube), I want to see how much of the applied displacement gets through to the middle of the solid cylinder.

      I initially thought that an Acoustic Harmonic analysis seemed appropriate and, after an first attempt, seems to give a result that could be sensible (I'm still not 100% this is the correct analysis to use but, as mentioned, it looks like a sensible result), but if I want to progress the model and start looking at how the flow and pressure of the fluid are affected by the applied vibration, will I need to use one of the Fluid packages? Will this analysis be standalone or will the results of the Acoustic Harmonic analysis need to feed into the Fluid analysis?

      If anyone can give advice, or point me in the direction of useful tutorials, it would be greatly appreciated.

      System Info: ANSYS Workbench 2019 R3 running on Windows 10 64-bit

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