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What is the theory of Mechanical APDL solver in workbench additive

    • yeounsu kim

      Hi I want to know the theory of  Mechanical APDL  solver in workbench additive. there is a theory of Additive Print Mechanics Solver in additive users guide print and science and there is only a phrase : 'The Mechanical APDL (PCG) Solver is used in Workbench Additive. The FEA technology used by the AP Mechanics Solver is very similar to that of the Mechanical APDL (PCG) Solver'

      what is the similar things between two? Do apdl solver and Additive Print Mechanics Solver use same theory? and can you answer the source that you answer? thank you 

    • Sampat Kumar
      Ansys Employee

      Hi yeounsu kim,
      Please follow the Ansys document that I have mentioned in the link below. You can find what is the relationship between the AP Mechanics solver and MAPDL Solver.



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