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What is thermal error and how is it calculated?

    • joshrees97

       Hello, this is my first post here. 

      As part of my module that concerns finite element analysis at University, I have been tasked with finding the temperature distribution and heat flux throughout an I-beam cross section through a steady state analysis in Ansys. 

      I have applied a convection boundary condition to the top flange surface, a dirichlet boundary condition/ constant temperature to the bottom flange surface and defined the surface area of the web and underside of the flange as perfectly insulated.

      I have successfully created a mesh and solved the problem so that I can see the distribution of temperature and variation of heat flux across the cross-section. 

      I noticed that I also have the option to see thermal error. My question is, what is thermal error and how is it calculated? I don't believe this has been discussed on my module so far so unfortunately I don't have any knowledge of it, I'm currently undertaking research into what it is but would appreciate any help.

      Thermal Error

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