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LS Dyna

What is your advice on size disparities in meshes?

    • wyatt

      Hello learning forum!

      I have questions regarding my meshes involved in an interaction between a rotating cylinder sample and a small tool. Also if you have any comments as to the way I am approaching this simulation, please feel free to provide your input!

      I have attempted to section my models to generate a better hex mesh.

      My concern is that the mesh of my tool is finer than my sample. Also, my sample does not have layers at the surface of interaction. Should I consider layers where the sample would be machined?

      As a side note, I have the student copy of Ansys and the scale of this analysis is quite small. I am primarily interested in the stresses, strains, and forces in the tool.

      I would appreciate your input. ?

    • Karthik R
      Hello You question seems to be addressed here. Please feel free to respond there if you have any additional comments. Also, please refrain from creating duplicate discussions for the same question. This will help us ensure a streamlined support.
      I'm closing this discussion.
      Thank you.
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