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What should I do in order to achieve my goal?

    • Austin_p

      I supposed to separate zones into two domains as follows:

    • Nikhil Narale
      Ansys Employee

      From what I understand, you don't want water to enter is the zone 1 (air). Correct me if I am wrong? If that is the case, the patching won't serve the purpose if the whole model is a single region/zone.
      Have you created 2 different regions/zones at the CAD level? If not, you can try that and assign one to water and other to air. By the way, may we know the purpose/objective of the simulation?

    • Austin_p
      Thanks a lot for reply!!!
      Your understanding is right. I don't water to enter in zone 1 (air).
      I separated zones in setup of ansys fluent, not at the CAD level.
      Actually, the objective of this simulation is to see the velocity profile in zone 1 (air) when affected by flow of water without loss of air.

      Anyway, does doing at the CAD level imply that I should create zones and assign them in designmodeler??
      Sorry, but I started to use ansys fluent a week ago... would you tell me precisely please..
    • Rob
      Forum Moderator
      If the air and water interact then you may find the result is that air/water finish up in places you don't want them.
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