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General Mechanical

What should I use contact or joint

    • ashishchache


      I am doing a static structural analysis of plastic hinge. I am new to ansys I do not know should I use contact or revolute joint between pin and hinge leaf .


      1) is it good to use both at same place ( frictional contact and revolute joint) what do you think ?

      2) how torsional stiffness and torsional damping value useful to that joint ? (Are they necessary to use )




      When i use frictional catact between two leafs & right leaf and steel pin, and boned contact between left leaf and pin.????

      Equivalent (von misses ) stress


      When I used a fixed  joint between left leaf and pin , revolute joint bet right leaf and pin and frictional contact between both leafs of hinge.????

      Equivalent (von misses)stress


      why a value of equivalent stress increased when I used joints or decreased when I used contacts ?



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