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What to use for simulating guitare / violin vibro-acoustic ?

    • Alexandre Bourrieau


      I would like to simulate the frequency vibrations of a vibro-acoustic type guitar or violin (therefore taking into account air-solid interactions). Do you advise me for that rather to use LS-DYNA or fluent? Could you guide me where to start?

      THANKS !

    • SRP
      Ansys Employee


      To simulate the frequency vibrations of a vibro-acoustic guitar or violin you can try LS-DYNA.

      You can find research paper on google scholor with keywords: simulation of vibro acoustic problems,vibro-acoustic coupling, FFT, Boundary element method

      Thank you.

    • Alexandre Bourrieau

      Thanks you !

      What is the difference between LS-DYNA and fluent/FSI - mechanical ?

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