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What winding excitation to give in Magnetic Transient to get a solution similar to a eddy current ?

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      Hello Everyone, 

      I want to understand the similarities of magnetic transient and eddy current solution for an AC problem (Rotating magnetic field problem). I think, if I run transient solution for longer time then it will reach at a steady state and solution for the last current cycle would be similar to the eddy current solution.

      So here Is the description of query --

      I applied 3 Phase current to six coils to get rotating magnetic field. To this end, first, I get coil and stator arrangement from SRMCore. I split them and assign material to each coil and core. 

      By applying section to the coil I get planer ports to make coil terminal. The attached image show coil terminals (each having 34 conductors) with current direction.


    • Navya C
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      Hi,nYou can refer to specifying solver types in the Maxwell help section to understand each solver type.nYou can refer to the getting started guide for how to setup Transient simulation and plot B,H &J plotsnnRegardsnNavyan
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