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What’s a good point for a fluent and matlab desktop workstation?

    • h395523899

      1, need to run Fluent, and structural mechanics analysis.

      Fluent's grid number is between 5 million and 10 million.

      2. At the same time, our laboratory also needs to run self programming such as matlab, so it needs high frequency as the main reference, and multi-core as the secondary reference.


      I have two ideas now.

      1, single cpu, more than 4 Hz, more than six cores, for example i7-8700k

      2, dual cpu, above 3.5 Hz, more than each quad-core, such as Xeon Gold 5122

      Do not know which scheme is better


      Within the budget of $ 7000, the brand or its own assembly can be. Our main domestic brands are Dell and HP.

      Due to different purchasing power in different countries,

      Our domestic

      Dell (DELL) T7820/T7810 graphics workstation desktop computer host (Gold 5118 ? two ? 24 core 48 threads 64G ? 512G + 4T ? P2000 4G graphics card)

      Amazon sells for $7,180.60

    • peteroznewman

      I answered a similar question but without the Amazon info in another thread.

      Please reply with the link to the Amazon item.

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