What’s the best way to search Lumerical’s online resources (KB, Apps, ALF)?

    • Chris Kopetski
      Ansys Employee

      Most of Lumerical's technical resources are publicly available. Public search engines like Google tend to best and easiest option.

      The Search Lumerical page on the Lumerical website is another good option. It uses a public search engine (Bing), but automatically restricts the search results to Lumerical resources so you don't get results from non-Lumerical websites.

      Finally, each website (KB, Apps, ALF) has a built-in search tool. The KB and Apps site search tends to work quite well. In our experience, the built-in ALF search quality is poor. We recommend using a public search engine like Google instead.

      Tip: When using a public search engine, you can restrict the search results to a specific website. Here's an example using Google to search the Ansys Learning Forum for the term "power monitor".

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