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What’s the problem with my simulation of a piezo PZT-5H in ANSYS Workbench?

    • hossein__mht

      Hi everyone!

      I'm going to analyze a piezo PZT-5H with ANSYS Workbench to be sure that it works correctly and then put it in the main system. It should have a 56 micrometer deflection if we apply a 100 Volt input. I simulated the piezo model according to a video on youtube website but it didn't work because of some errors. I don't know what's the problem. Can anyone help me with this simulation? I've uploaded some images from errors, commands and mechanical properties in .png format. For more information, I have its compliance matrix so I calculated all the Young modules and poisson's ratios with their equations.

      youtube video link:

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      thanks a lot


      Mohammad Hossein Talebi

    • Erik Kostson
      Ansys Employee
      HinI would suggest to look in the help manual on how to define the PZT.nCould be likely that the material definition is not correct - see the help manual on how this can be done say for a similar PZT:nnThe relevant example is verification model VM231, and has a PZT4 (y-polarized). In the input listing you can see how the PZT is defined.nThank you and hope this helpsnnErikn
    • hossein__mht
      Thank you so much Erik Array for your answernI saw ANSYS help but it didn't have this example. Help manual is the help in the bar that is top of the ANSYS window right? It has 6 examples in DIRECT COUPLED-FIELD ANALYSIS --> Piezoelectric Analysis but not this one (VM231 with PZT4). could you send me a link or explain how I can find the example?nThank you so much my friend. My problem still hasn't been solved from 3 weeks ago until now!!!n
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