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3D Design

When I create two surfaces with ICEM, there is extra surface generation.

    • h395523899

      I am using ICEM to create a 3D model

      This 3D model is a cuboid with a circle in the middle of the model.

      When I created the face, I chose 2-4curves, first click on the four sides of the quad and then click on the edge of the circle.

      The figure produces two faces, the middle face and the rest of the rectangle.

      I created a part for each face. When I chose not to display the part corresponding to the two faces, I found that there is a face around the circle.



      1. Is this normal?

      2. How to deal with this error if it is not normal.

      3. If it is normal, is this extra face and the round face created as the same part?.


      The middle green line has no effect

    • Keyur Kanade
      Ansys Employee

      When creating surfaces please create in different patches. Please avoid using inner loop and outer loop for creating surface. So please create two surfaces instead of one surface. 

      Also ICEM is really not a tool for creating 3D geometries. The geometry tools are basic. You can use SpaceClaim for geometry operations. Its very easy to use tool. You can check various videos on SpaceClaim on youtube as well as on following link. 


      Also, please like the answers which have helped you move forward and in the end, once your issue is resolved, please mark the most appropriate solution (most useful advice) as 'Is Solution'. This will help others who are using this thread to find answers to similar questions.

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