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When I try to run a simple simulation of a cantilever beam, I am encountered with a solver error.

    • Ramana

      The solver error is

      An error occurred while starting the solver module. Please refer to the troubleshooting section in ansys mechanical user guide for more information

      I tried to change the solver settings of GPU to none and limited my core number and also described the distributed option. But still I am getting this error.

      Can anyone help me to get rid of this error.

      The no.of nodes are 10k only.

    • Ashish Kumar
      Forum Moderator

      Did you save the project before solving it? Also, can you uncheck the distribute option before solving?

      Regards Ashish Khemka
    • Ramana

      Thanks for response
      But I did all those things......
      I saved the project as well as I unchecked the distribute solver too...
      But still the error message is consistent.
      Fluent solver is working fine except the solvers related to mechanical......
      Installation is also done included with all packages...
      Still error continues...
      Help me out please

    • George Karnos
      Ansys Employee
      if you click on Solution information in the Solution branch, does it show anything?
      If you right click on solution and open Solver files directory, is there a solve.out file?
      Does the following directory exist:
      C:\Program Files\ANSYS Inc\ANSYS Student\v212\ansys\bin\winx64
      Does it include files: ansys.exe, ansys212.exe, ansys2021R2.exe
    • Ramana
      Yes sir.
      The directory is available but with V221.
      All those mentioned .exe files are available in the directory you asked me to check.
      When I click on solution information, there is no display of any type of results except the error because the moment I hit the solve button, the error shows up.
      In the open solver files directory, there is no solve.out file sir.
      Please do help me out.

    • George Karnos
      Ansys Employee
      Can you try shutting down your firewall and then try to run?
      Also, go to: %APPDATA%\Ansys
      rename the v221 directory to v221.old
      Try to run again
    • Ramana
      I did whatever you adviced but still that error message is popping out.
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