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General Mechanical

When should I input values for Mass moment of inertia X, Y & Z for a point mass?

    • Rameez_ul_Haq

      For a point mass, and under the definition tree for this point mass, I see three blank spaces for Mass moment of inertia X, Mass moment of inertia Y, and Mass moment of inertia Z. I usually keep them at 0, but can anyone just tell me when should I input a value for them? I mean in which cases this would be necessary to enter? And how can I obtain these values for the point mass?

    • Aniket
      Ansys Employee
      When should one enter it: Always!
      In which cases it is necessary to enter: in each case!
      how can you obtain it: Please search "How to Extract Moments of Inertia for Point Masses" on youtube for videos explaining the process.
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