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When to use rotational and stationary fluid domain


    • Jpret99

      Hi all,

      Just a quick question regarding the fluid domain of a CFX simulation. My set up has an axial gas turbine blade with a larger box-like fluid domain. I am only interested in analysing the heat transfer from the hot fluid domain to the blade. The boundary conditions are an inlet velocity and an outlet static pressure, with symmetry conditions for the fluid at the blade hub and tip, as well as free slip walls that run parallel to the flow direction.

      My problem is that i am not sure if the fluid domain should be stationary or rotational, and i have had no luck searching online for when a rotation domain is required. Additionally, I have no other blades or domains besides the single blade/gas domain for the analysis. Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated.

      Thanks !

    • KR
      In the configuration you are attempting to test, are your blades rotating? If so, you need to use the MRF approach. You need to create a small region around the turbine blades. This volume would be rotating relative to the absolute frame. The rest of the fluid region would be stationary.
      If this is not the case and you are attempting to model a fully stationary case, then you do not need the MRF approach. You simply would be modeling everything as stationary.
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