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where can I find stress-strain material data for steels?

    • Rajesh

      Good Morning,

      I am looking for material data for my research. I heard that it is possible to find it in Granta. But I never used it before. Can someone confirm that GRANTA allows to check stress-strain curves? What type of GRANTA should I use and is it worh it? Maybe other solutions?

      Any help will be much appreciated. I just want to find a few stress-strain characteristics for S355JR/S355J0 steel.

      Thank you


    • peteroznewman
    • Erik Kostson
      Ansys Employee





      To provide some additional info on Granta (as you mentioned it). Granta has different products – one that is relevant for simulations is MDS (materials-data-for-simulation)

      (e.g., in mds we have: Structural steel, S355J, wrought, bilinear iso. hardening stress strain curve)


      Hope this is of interest






    • David Mercier
      Ansys Employee

      Hi, Yes different Granta products, and MDS might be the most useful for you if you need just some stress strain curves for your simulation. In case you need more data, Granta Selector and Granta MI provide access to more databases (JAHM, ASME, Global Metal Specs...). Here a screenshot of a quick search for the steel you are looking for, into Selector.

      The unique record in MaterialUniverse corresponds to the one in MDS which is a generic record representative of this type of steel. Others in ASME DB are more detailled for example.

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