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Where in TUI is compute option for RD

    • atulsingh92


      I have an expression in the report definition, which I would like to write to a file. (Have the job running on cluster, so all the important metrics are written to a file, which I later collate).

      I can do this for reports as

      /report/surface-integrals/area-weighted-avg wall , nusselt-number yes surface-nu-awa-%i.srp

      However, how can I write as an output to this expression report definition

    • Swathi V. V.
      Ansys Employee
      Hi I would recommend you to create a Report File of the same expression as the Report files by default will get saved in .out format during the simulation for both local and batch run. You can control the settings such as file name etc. in the Report Files setting. Create the file before running the simulation, so that the data will get saved as the iteration advances.
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