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Where is all the tutorial materials (i.e., PDF + Native Files Fluids / Mechanical)??

    • J.LoongHee

      Dear experts and netizens,

      Do you all know where can I obtain the tutorials materials from 2022 back to 2019? Many years ago ANSYS has a lot of tutorials materials can be downloaded using ANSYS Customer account.

      But these materials are no where to be found now! The icon and GUI had changed so much that I found it hard to use without refreshing the tutorial.

      Can ANSYS staff guide me please? I am a University Staff and a loyal user for 7 years.

      Thank you.


    • Rob
      Ansys Employee
      If you click on Help in the current release you'll get to the web page with the documentation and tutorials. The older content on the Customer Portal was updated 4-5 years ago and moved to the Learning Hub, which requires a subscription.
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