Where is the H/J/C/L-Grid Method for Topology Definition?

    • ferranroigtio

      I am using TurboGrid 19.1 to mesh an axial fan blade. I am encountering few errors near the shroud around the leading edge which seem driven by topology choice.

      I wonder if the option "Topology Definition" within the "Topology Set" object has been removed on TurboGrid 19.1 and onwards. It used to be available on v18 and earlier releases, as far as I am aware. But now I find myself unable to avoid going through an ATM approach.

      Find attached a screenshot of the mesh I come up with (shroud tip layer).

    • rfblumen
      Ansys Employee
      Under the Definition tab of Topology Set, the Method is set to Automatic. This has been the default since prior to v19.1. The user can use the pull-down menu next to this setting and select other topology options that may be available but this typically isn't necessary. nIt's hard to tell the exact issue with your particular mesh. It may be related to the number of layers. Too many layers may cause wiggles in the mesh resulting from the spline fit through the defining layers. Too few layers might be generated to adequately define the geometry, especially if it varies significantly in the span-wise direction (this isn't common). I would contact ANSYS support to determine the exact cause of your meshing issue.n
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