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Where to start learning?

    • Jarvis Solomon

      Hello, i come from a light background in Autodesk Inventor. Would the same skills or operations apply? Id like to utilize the simulation aspect of Ansys. Do i design within Ansys or do I import designs from other CAD software?

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      Mostly, and yes. :) 

      The general modelling process will be similar, in that you create geometry, add mesh and do stuff with the solver(s). The interface will be different, and as the Ansys tools are written for simulation you'll see more options and a broader range of models & physics. 

      With Student version you can only import a couple of CAD formats, they're listed in the download bit somewhere. With the full version there's a lot more flexibility. Also, Ansys is largely CAD agnostic so we use our geometry tools, but regularly import from third party CAD: when I teach an undergrad course I explain the import options as the students are all CAD trained. 

      For, learning. In the left tool bar thing you'll find "Learning" that covers some of the physics and other concepts. If you click on "Help" in the solver you'll get to the documentation: that also contains tutorials and video examples of a wide range of problems. 

      Finally, search on here, if you find something log a new thread and link to the old one with your clear and concise question. We (staff) are not permitted to download anything so please post lots of images. If it takes a post or two to add everything that's fine. Multiposting and unnecessary (ie within 2-3 days) bumping will cause some annoyance! ;) 

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