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Which ANSYS product should I use and how do I Start? Thank you.

    • danhausa

      I want to carry out a Simulation and Vibration Analysis of Synchronous Generator Rotor due effect of low Transmission Grid Voltage and High Reactive Power and Grid Frequency.

      Thank you.

    • Sheldon Imaoka
      Ansys Employee

      When you speak of a vibration analysis, I'm guessing that maybe you are interested in a harmonic response analysis. This requires that you know the magnitude and direction of the forces acting on the rotor. If not, you may need to perform a low-frequency electromagnetic analysis first. This can be done with the Maxwell product, but help needs to be obtained in the Electronics Forum.
      If my initial assessment above is not correct, please feel free to provide further details on your objectives.
      Regards Sheldon
    • Navya C
      Ansys Employee
      Hi @danhausa You can set up the harmonic force calculation in Maxwell as shown below.
      Right mouse click on the Maxwell design and select "Enable harmonic force calculation"
      Then, on the popup window, select the objects for which you want to calculate the Harmonic forces and then click ok.
      After the simulation is done you can use Workbench to perform the Vibration analysis.

      Regards Navya
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