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Which ANSYS Should I use?

    • Awlad

      ANSYS Users and Community:

      I would like to use the following ANSYS items:

      1. Mechanical APDL.
      2. Mechanical APDL Product Launcher.
      3. Workbench.

      May I know which package of ANSYS should I use? For example, should I install “Structure” or “Fluids and Structure” or something else? Could you please advise? Thanks,


    • Sampat Kumar
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Awlad, 
      I would suggest installing a Structure, which has all the mentioned products that you want.


    • Nanda Veralla
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Awlad,

      For your requirement, Ansys structures package would be good. Ansys structure's include all 3 products which you're planning to use. Kindly, follow Ansys installation guide, for an error free installation. Happy simulation!

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