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Which material shloud I use?

    • Catacaldos

      Hello everyone!


      I have a doubt (which may seem a bit ridiculous) about an essay in Ansys. I need to simulate the behavior of modeling clay (molding paste, play dough) under certain conditions.

      It has to deform in the test, but not be elastic and not recover its original position, but maintain the position it acquires. In addition, it should not offer impact resistance.

      The test consists of hitting the material with a firing pin at certain heights and see the effect it causes according to the height. What material could I use?

      Thank you!

    • Catacaldos

      Hi Sandeep

      The closest material I have found is neoprene rubber, but since it is a very elastic material, it deforms excessively.

      We will continue searching.

      Thank you

    • Sandeep Medikonda
      Ansys Employee

      Hi, Apologies, input the wrong chat here earlier.

      For modeling Clay, you can try using the Cam-Clay plasticity model which when combined with porous elasticity, models the effect of voids on the elastic behavior of the material.

      If you are not sure of all the parameters, maybe you can start with the ones provided in Example 4.27?

    • Catacaldos

      Hi and thanks for your answer Sandeep.

      Finally, I've tested natural rubber from Matweb. I've defined a few parameters using data from technical reports and I've employed a more accurate time of the experiment in order to run it exactly the time I need to watch the deformation.

      Thank you again.

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