Which one? Ansys Maxwell or Ansys Electronic

    • siahtirim

      Hi there

      I want to learn and work with the Maxwell in which you can simulate electrical motors, but unfortunately, I'm confused!

      which one should I choose?

      Ansys Maxwell or Ansys Electronics Desktop?

      I heard that no more update is for Ansys Maxwell and the company is just working on Ansys Electronics Desktop, is it true?


      Please help me


    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      Not quite, I think you've become confused with the software package and installation bundle. Electronics Desktop is a bundle for the installation of all of the various electronics related tools, Maxwell, HFSS etc.  If you read into the text under the Electronics Desktop link you included you'll find the full list including Maxwell. 

      We are developing Maxwell: you'll see some update information soon for the new release.

    • siahtirim

      Thank you, I know I can find Maxwell in Electronic Desktop, my question is; Ansys company is just working on Electronic Desktop altogether, is it true?

      furthermore, I shouldn't expect an individual software like an Ansys Maxwell?

      therefore, You will develop Maxwell but under Electronic Desktop software



      Thank you for sharing your valuable time for me


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