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Why am I getting higher S parameter values when I put a glass box between 2 antennas ?


    • Balkan

      I will be as specific as possible. My aim is to see how different materials affect the received signal. I am doing this by placing a box of a specific material between two dipole antennas.

    • rtk
      Ansys Employee
      ,nYes, reception should be higher for free space rather than with any obstacle between those antennas.nCould you please try with a smaller value of 'delta' (or tight convergence) and check the S21 value? Check with value 0.1 or 0.005. nAlso, try with any other metal material (PEC, copper, etc..) instead of glass and check the S21 value?.Best Regards,n
    • AndyJP
      1)Even though PML is better than ABC, it should not be placed very close to the model at oblique angles. Particularly, in near-field region, where you do it. So move it away at least on quarter-wave.n2)may it be just a case of optical refraction and internal reflection in a thick layer? Hard to believe, but such things can happen.n3)then, the antennas are quite close, so you could get a capacitive coupling with assistance of that dielectric.nIf you are not sure, set the Delta S=0.005 with enough number of passes (50-80, does not matte, enough for DS) , minimum converged passes 2-3, and mixed ordern
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