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Why am I getting the “the requested S data is not available the PLNSOL command is ignored” warning

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    • fsfarimani
      I am trying to run the APDL script
      where Uy = 0 and UX = 0 lines represent symmetries. however, I get the error message:
      Warning: The requested S data is not available. The PLNSOL command is ignored.
      when trying to plot the von Mises stress:
      I would appreciate it if you could help me know what is the problem and how I can resolve it.

    • fsfarimani
      using this reply, I was able to solve the problem:
      /POST1 ! Enter the General Postprocessor
      /DSCALE,ALL,1 ! Use true scale (scale displacements by 1.0)
      SET,LAST! read the last data set
      PLNSOL,S,EQV,0,1.0 ! Plot equivalent (von Mises) stress

    • Erik Kostson
      Ansys Employee

      That is great - I think though you are likely missing though a symmetry bc (Y=0) on the bottom edge (ZX plane).
      " target="blank">

      All the best

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