Why Ansys Electronics desktop crashes when link it with Simulink ?

    • hanxiangyang


      I am doing co-simulation with Ansys Electronics desktop and Simulink. I have successfully created AnsoftSFuntion model Simulink and and added Simulink model in twin builder. Next I need to edit Simulink block and choose ”read link information from the file”, but after that AnsysElectronics desktop just crashes down. There is no additional error message explaining the reason for crash down.

      I am using Ansys Electronic 2018.2 (R19.2) and Matlab 2017b. I already also tried use Matlab 2018b and Matlab 2014, but same result.

    • Navya C
      Ansys Employee

      As an Ansys employee, I cannot access your model on an open forum like this. From the information you provided, I suggest you check the following
      1) Please check the same with any other existing model or with inbuilt examples in AEDT.
      2) Your AEDT version is older than 3 years. Try updating the software.
      3)Also check with simulink/MATLAB customer support regarding this.

      Regards Navya
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