Why can’t I change cell zone materials

    • ansys_mkf

      This has happened to me several times with Fluent and it is infuriating.  I want to change the fluid_body Material to one of the materials listed but it is not in the dropdown menu.  Why and how the hell can I change it?  Such a simple thing.  In Materials there is CLEARLY a mixture ready to use, so why is it not in the list of options? When I try to do anything it says "mixture-template is not define"... No KIDDING!!







    • raul.raghav

      I'm apologize ahead of time if this doesn't work or if you've tried this before.

      So I notice that in the Materials tab, the Fluid section does not have any anything defined in it. So based on the name of your mixture, I'm guessing you are working with methane and air. You need to define them as the working Fluids before you can configure the Mixture section in the Materials.

      Attached is a fluent tutorial that might give you an idea of how to set it up:

      Ch18 Modeling Surface Chemistry

      Defining materials

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