Why do my layers taper upward in width in ACP (Pre)?

    • katneckk

      Hi all,

      I've recently started working with Ansys and have a question about ACP (Pre). I would like to simulate orthotropic material behavior using a tension bar. To do this, I would like to apply different layers starting from a CAD geometry.

    • Sean Harvey
      Ansys Employee

      Can you check that the edges share topology on the base surface that will be shell meshed? Not sure what CAD you are using. If using SpaceClaim, you can find it in the properties dialog box.
      Also, you can find share on the Workbench tab of SpaceClaim.
      If this does not fix it, can you share some more details of what that surface topology looks like? It is difficult to see from the 3D image.
      Can you also check that in the properties of the solid model you have specified to connect ****-joined plies.
      Let us know if this fixes the problem. Thank you.

      Regards Sean

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